Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Slater's 50/50

so tonight was the pilgrimage to Slater's 50/50 in Anaheim. it took me a while to get here, but thanks to my brother sending pics to my phone when he goes AND the persistence of a dear friend (and knowing all the right things to say to get me there), tonight was the night that i built an AMAZING burger. i also got to name it, so mine was called The Zoo! i'll let you imagine what it must've been like. and while building your own customizable burger is something to make the venture for, the only way to cap it off is with a customizable milkshake!! (.....if you have room for one.)

the great thing about these shakes is also the worst thing, which is that all the shakes are begun with a vanilla ice cream base (for only 5 bucks). this is great because having a milkshake made with real ingredients makes it real delicious, ALTHOUGH, shakes made with real ice cream tend to thin out much quicker. some people might like that it makes the shake easier to drink, but i like the straw to collapse from the suction against the thickness of it. in any case, what comes next is adding your choice of fifteen different items to mix into the vanilla shake. you can choose as many as you want (for $0.50 each). what you see above was my lovely concoction of pumpkin pie and Nutella! it was quite sweet and rich, i won't lie, but it was pretty fantastic. they throw the real elements right into the blender. so what happened was when i took sips of my shake, i'd get a mouthfuls of vanilla shake, chunks of pumpkin pie filling, and and globs of Nutella every time! it was pretty outrageous. i had some great ideas for other options as well, so i'll definitely have to make some return trips.

(un)fortunately, it looks like there's only one Slater's, but this means you can be certain that quality is maintained at every turn. be sure to click the link above so you can take a look at the possiblities of combinations on the menu!

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