Friday, June 10, 2011

ice cream on Yelp!

incase you missed it, you can find some really awesome places to try out that might be a little more local to you than what i've been posting so far. check out what's going on over at to read and/or to join the discussion about the best places for ice cream-related awesomeness. enjoy!

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Millions of Milkshakes

so once upon a time a couple weeks ago, i went to this place called Millions of Milkshakes! and, other than trying to find parking, it was WAY rad! while you can't actually design 1,000,000 or more different types of milkshakes, there are more options than you would possibly have time to try! this is partly due to my favorite thing about this place which is the option of three different bases to start from: plain vanilla soft serve, a non-diary version, and even a VEGAN version! how cool is that?! ...not for me, of course, but now i can take some of my vegan friends along! usually they don't do the milkshake thing.

in addition to these bases, there are tons of options to mix into your shake. there's a station that looks kinda like a buffet of junk foods (along with some fruits) behind glass that you put your greasy index finger on and fog up when you say, "and that... and that.. yeah, and that." here's a poor picture of what it looks like:

and it's loaded with candies and cookies and brownies and whatnot. a decadent selection, to be sure. not only that, but there's an entire menu of pre-designed milkshakes to choose from. this is for people who 1) don't care, 2) are unimaginative, 3) poor chefs, 4) hate life, or 5) want to try something that their favorite celebrity has created. you can get a glance of this menu if you click here. perhaps someday there'll be "the kris.w" shake! ...but probably not.

so by this point, you're probably wondering what the heck i chose with sooo many options available. a valid question with an exceptional answer! i opted for this bad boy right here:

this shake was comprised of..... stand back, please... the non-dairy ice cream (which i was curious about) with Junior Mints and brownies! it was a grand slam of a milkshake, and the non-dairy ice cream was a dream. my esteemed colleague who made the trek with me out to Hollywood to visit this place, opted for a pre-customized shake. it was the s'mores shake. you've probably taken note of the fairly large straw in the photo above, and between my shake and hers, it's no wonder why they offer them so large.

i'm excited to go back to try many more options -- especially since i have the opportunity to make a milkshake out of a Milky Way candy bar! definitely go check it out so that you can get one of the Kardashian shakes and feel just like one of the sisters! (...there are so many jokes i want to make here, but this is a family site.) ENJOY!!