Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pie 'n' Burger

tonight was a night i've been waiting for, for quite some time. i took two of my best friends to one of my favorite eating spots called Pie 'n' Burger in Pasadena. oh man, how i love this place! the meals are definitely something to write home about, but that's not why this blog exists.

so this is a popular spot amongst a number of the dudes i work with. we often manage to sneak away for a lo(ooo)ng lunch every once in a while on Fridays to prep ourselves for a food induced coma. being that i've eaten here several times, i knew better than to stuff myself to the brim (like i accidentally did the first time), but since it was my friends' first time i gave them a fair warning. the reason for this is because once you've thrown in the towel, slumped back into your chair, and unbuttoned your pants to breathe, the waitress takes this as her cue to come drop the bomb "ready for pie??" :0) this is my favorite part.

if you've never been to this mom-n-pop style diner, they will hand you the pie menu complete with seasonal pies, cakes, and even shakes and malts! they all look and sound so good, i have a hard time selecting which one to devour, so i end up always relying on ol' faithful: cherry, warm, a la mode. every time, people! while i have tasted some of my friends' delectable choices, the picture you see above is why i keep coming back (and there's tons of other pie photos on yelp!). this perfectly warmed combination of sweet with a bite of tart is uncanny next to the flaky, buttery crust. and it's LOADED with cherries. and i'm not talking about that toxic glowing goop you generally find in mass-manufactured pies. these pies are definitely made with... love. and while you'd think this is enough to visit for, take another look at that photo above! notice the pie to ice cream ratio. i think the scientific measurement of that portion is called a "heap". it's a vanilla-flavored ice cream that comes out of a giant, brown, cardboard vat. you know, the kind you have to lean into and scoop from your shoulder. so it's not like it's a gourmet ice cream that's made on the premises, but it certainly has a sense of wonderment that reminds me of childhood birthday parties or ice cream you'd get at a carnival. it is delicious. also, the nice thing about this ice cream is that it keeps pretty well while sitting on top of a warm piece of pie. so as long as you dig in quickly, it won't end up a soupy mess to wrestle with your fork... for the most part.

anyway, go eat it. and it's cash only, Sucka!

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