Sunday, April 17, 2011


WELP! i've done it. the blog i've always meant to start is finally underway! for my first post, i'd like to introduce you to the milkshake of the astoundingly popular, Bruxie in Orange County! WOW, this thing was pretty righteous:

so i went to Bruxie a bit earlier this evening with my pal who founded Sasaki Food Time for a frosty treat on such a warm Southern Cali evening. it was a perfect Saturday evening for shorts and Bruxie was a madhouse! we knew we were there for dessert, so J opted for the seasonal shake of the month (which was a fresh California Strawberry shake made with old-fashioned Wisconsin custard), see below:

while it looks and sounds amazing (which Jason can attest that it was), those of you who know me know that i will RARELY pass up a chocolate milkshake. it's my vice! also, you can assume this thing was pretty amazing just in the fact that i took the time to make it my first official post on this blog, even though i consume enough shakes to make the average 5'8'' person end up 316 pounds. it was deceptively frosty given that it wasn't very cold to the touch. in fact, i was kinda bummed when they first handed it to me. i thought it was going to be a little temperate and melty. but, NOPE. what was also nice was that the chocolate flavor was very rich, but didn't taste like vanilla shake mix that had chocolate syrup added like you'd expect at fast food chains like McDonald's. although, i must specify that it is in fact syrup added to the shake, but the shake is made from frozen custard. so it's a different beast altogether. BUT THEN.. to top it off, whipped cream like you never had!... unless you've been to a gourmet place that hand-whips fresh creme. because that's just what it was! not the crap that Starbucks hoses your drink down with that sprays out of a can. i'm talkin thick, rich, vanilla-y creme.

so how does one make this experience better? well you know how much i love to pair things, so my order was accompanied with Bruxie's fresh, piping-hot waffle fries. oh man, get outta here!

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