Thursday, April 21, 2011

FAQ #1

Q: what is CaliCreamery about? desserts?? ice cream???

A: heck yes. while CaliCreamery is a blog to inform you about places to find delicious desserts all over California, it is designed specifically for all things frozen dairy! this includes ice cream, frozen yogurt, gelato, frozen custard, and all things related!

if you're looking for an amazing quiche recipe, don't look here. if you're looking for a place to meet women, don't look here. if you're looking for some interesting artwork, don't look here.... but check out my other blog for that.

in any case, this is only the first of some of the questions i've been getting about this blog. soon, i'll address another of your questions. be sure to check back and share this blog with anyone you know who might be able to benefit from knowing where to find frozen happiness.

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