Saturday, May 7, 2011

Lake Street Creamery

this truck is nothing short of a miracle. this was my first encounter with Lake Street Creamery and i can already feel that i will hunt them down every weekend. take a look at how cool their setup is. the employees in the truck are even dressed to the theme of this old-timey gourmet ice cream truck! so rad!

you'll probably notice that there isn't the usual photo of my dessert of choice. the short explanation is that i inhaled it before remembering to take a picture -- whatta fool! being a hardcore cream soda fan (i have a collection of bottles to prove it), i selected the "Glazed Donut" float. hopefully you can picture in your mind what an ice cream float would look like in a tall, white, paper cup. so, it's ok that there is no accompanying photo. but let me explain to you what no photo can! this float was comprised of some of the most deliciously unique ice cream i've tasted in a while! imagine taking a plain cake donut (like a plain Entemann's Softee donut) and crumbling it up into vanilla ice cream. that's what was going on. and then! they took a nicely frosted Boylan cream soda and poured it over the ice cream....... yep. now this dessert alone was enough to keep me coming back, but there are a lot of other fantastic things on the menu. and they try to be friendly to your environment! any food truck who refuses to use paper bowls and uses mandatory waffle bowls is ok in my book.

so follow them on Twitter... or literally down the freeway, but make sure you check them out. they're all over the greater Los Angeles area and you can inquire about having them at your special events! if it was good enough for the Mad Men cast, it's good enough for you!

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